The Vision

With an eye toward a permanent brick and mortar facility by 2018, the first phase of the plan for the Basketball Hall of Fame will be to develop a mobile Hall of Fame unit which will travel the state with displays and interactive kiosks. The mobile unit will be available for county fairs, community days and local school field days.

The Vision Includes:

Creating a Coaching Academy for basketball coaches of all ages, but particularly designed for men and women just starting coaching on the Junior High and Junior Varsity levels. Providing valuable training for those new to coaching beyond the X's and O's and into areas such as how to balance work and family, how to handle the pressure of the profession and insight on managing/dealing with players, managers and parents.

Other Components of The Vision:

  • Adult Classes explaining rules and terminology
  • Speaker Circuit for High School and College Coaches
  • Develop lesson plans for elementary teachers/students to reintroduce sports, particularly basketball into the curriculum.
  • Collecting and preserving priceless memorabilia featuring the history of the great teams, player and coaches.
  • Coaches Clinics